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Blonde Dating is an online dating website for singles who want to date blonde women and men.If you find blonde singles hot and sexy, you can meet them here at Blonde Dating.

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Whatever the reason, blonde hair is here to stay and with over 190,000 blonde members to choose from we are confident we can help you find your perfect blonde match.

That’s one reason why we’ve created a specialist site entirely for lovely blondes and their admirers; now you can simply and effectively find exactly who you’re looking for without having to waste time sifting through all those tiresome unsuitable matches.

Whatever the reason, blonde hair is here to stay and we love it.

Where do i start, walking my dogs, cooking, catching up on my housework, yeah i am very sad and enjoy cleaning!!!

Not all of our blonde members are looking for blonde partners.

Down the years many traits have been investigated for their role in attractiveness, but one question has repeatedly captured the attention of researchers – why do many men and women prefer blondes? It has been suggested that men prefer rounder faces and that blonde hair is kinder to the outline of the face, or that natural blondes have softer skin, which men find attractive.Love gardening and growing my own veg all though u wouldnt think it f u saw my garden now.Love arts crafts and design and making my house a home….Playboy magazine has featured more blondes in its centrefolds than any other hair type, further cementing the blonde bombshell as a sexual icon for men to lust after.But it’s not just blonde women who have got the pulses racing, with blonde male icons such as James Dean, Robert Redford and Leonardo Di Caprio capturing hearts worldwide too.It must create a mystery and elusiveness for your readers to be captivated by it.

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