Dared into stripping on webcam

A man screen-capped her big reveal and then used the image to bribe her to “put on a show.” When she refused, he sent the photo to her family and friends.

On note cards held up to the camera, she explained: “I then got really sick and got anxiety, major depression and panic disorder.” The nine-minute clip goes on to explain how the bribery and harassment led to bullying at school, as well as multiple suicide attempts.

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You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.

This is by far the best thing I have seen on this website. The absence of sound has only heightened the sensuality of the raw colours.

I was researching a popular “jailbait” message board this week when I discovered a thread filled with webcam screengrabs and videos of what looked to be pubescent girls in various states of undress and sexual activity.

I’ve come across “barely legal” porn before, but this was different: These girls looked like they weren’t a day over 13.

The intimate webcam context lent an additional believability to it: It was easy to imagine someone convincing each of these seemingly underage girls via video chat to take off their clothes, all the while recording the action to later distribute far and wide or even to use as a bribe to get future “shows” out of them.

That is what so-called “cappers” do — and they are what brought me to the jailbait message board in the first place, and ultimately to the FBI.“In some jurisdictions it has to be the genitalia.” In California, where Gillingham practices, an image of a 13-year-old flashing her breasts might not be considered child porn — even if it is widely circulated and drooled over on capper message boards.“That being said, there are other statutes that we could use to address it, ” he says, like the state law punishing “unnatural sexual interest in children.” And, of course, extortion is illegal.One trick is for the capper to present a video loop of a fit young guy typing away at the computer as himself, thereby piquing the girl’s interest. Loops.” He goes on to say, “Practice will also get you better at being able to not get busted so quickly because some girls are sluts and some girls are prudent sluts; it’s all in the game.” There are extensive archives of loops that cappers can use to convince girls that they are Prince Charming (or at least Prince Hottie).As one capper writes on amessage board, “I’ve been capping for a bit now, and I would say wins are a matter of three steps: 1. On these same message boards, “wins” (i.e., photos and videos of girls disrobing) are shared, including sought-after ones of underage girls — and that brings me back to my call to the FBI. I’ve seen her strip in cars, cafés, restaurants, you name it!

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