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It should be mentioned that I've never really dabbled in online dating, not even Tinder. To join Beautiful People, you fill out a brief application, which looks like this: And yeah, you do have to fill in every section, including your weight.I mean, I haven't been single since my freshman year of college, and back then I met all my dudes at frat parties and favored a busted-up Black Berry Curve. I threw my scale out over a year ago, so it's entirely possible that I gave more of a goal weight. Because 49 other guys hit her up at the exact same time. ALSO, she sent me this: a copy of her Match dashboard. 78 new emails, 3811 profile views, and 182 people making Olivia a favorite. I had no idea the counter even went into quadruple digits!

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w=200" data-large-file=" He basically ignored my entire profile, and then got mad at me for not responding.

w=283" class=" wp-image-1681" title="Beautiful brunette" src=" w=234&h=351" alt="" width="234" height="351" srcset=" w=234&h=351 234w, w=100&h=150 100w," sizes="(max-width: 234px) 100vw, 234px" / I was going through my emails last night, doing my best to respond to everyone (I’m trying, I promise! “More than a fake competition you made up for your dating blog that involves pictures of prizes instead of actual prizes? On top of that, he works in construction, and my profile and photos should clearly show our lifestyles don’t mesh.

I’ve been on here for a month, and despite the nearly 1,500 emails I’ve received, I’ve only gone on three dates… This guy sent me a better-than-average email two weeks ago, and again a week later.

but not because I’m some superficial, picky “supermodel” who wants perfection… If I go on a date with someone, I probably won’t be available for a second date for a month, a third date for a month after that. So, please, accept my apologies for trying a different approach or trying to meet new people in a modern way. ” And then he opened the email and started to read, and that’s when his day got really really shitty. He’s not hot, but cute, but I didn’t respond because he lives… Did he really think I’m going to respond to someone who doesn’t even live in the same region of the country?

Do not pick sex kitten pictures but in your profile write how you want only a serious relationship. Do not write “I am a sexually confident woman” unless you want to be with guys who are submissive or guys who think they are more sexually confident and can’t wait to show you.

Nobody will believe you but they will lie to you because that is what you said you wanted but is not what they are interested in. You can BE sexually confident, but don't write that -- you'll just attract weirdoes.6. Write what YOU want, not what you think someone else wants. Rather than opting for the expected dinner out, try staying in and cooking your own meal together. Check out local cooking classes in your area rather than opening up your home to a stranger.

Yeah, me neither — at least, not since my middle school Live Journaling days.

You see, back then, there were these Live Journal communities with names like xx Gorgeousx or x___e Li Te__Xx or whatever; it was all very Gossip Girl.

Somehow, I don't think that 85 percent of women in the online dating world would really choose watching Sunday football and baseball on TV as a favorite activity, but apparently they do.

Ever find yourself lazing about on your laptop on a Saturday afternoon, thinking, "Gee, I really wish someone were judging my looks in real time online right now"?

Rather than do a 4,000 word post, I decided break it up into segments, so tune in next week for the next riveting installment.

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