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Under the caliphs, great cities such as Cairo, Baghdad and Damascus fostered a vibrant intellectual and cultural life.Poets, scientists and philosophers wrote thousands of books (on paper, a Chinese invention that had made its way into the Islamic world by the 8th century).

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(In 800 CE, for example, Pope Leo III named the Frankish king Charlemagne the “Emperor of the Romans”–the first since that empire’s fall more than 300 years before.

Over time, Charlemagne’s realm became the Holy Roman Empire, one of several political entities in Europe whose interests tended to align with those of the Church.) Ordinary people across Europe had to “tithe” 10 percent of their earnings each year to the Church; at the same time, the Church was mostly exempt from taxation.

They also exposed Crusaders to Islamic literature, science and technology–exposure that would have a lasting effect on European intellectual life.

Another way to show devotion to the Church was to build grand cathedrals and other ecclesiastical structures such as monasteries.

These policies helped it to amass a great deal of money and power.

Meanwhile, the Islamic world was growing larger and more powerful.

No one “won” the Crusades; in fact, many thousands of people from both sides lost their lives.

They did make ordinary Catholics across Christendom feel like they had a common purpose, and they inspired waves of religious enthusiasm among people who might otherwise have felt alienated from the official Church.

However, today’s scholars note that the era was as complex and vibrant as any other.

After the fall of Rome, no single state or government united the people who lived on the European continent.

Also, before the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, even books were works of art.

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