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She could stay there as long as it remained a secret and that she remained quiet.So I tried to be as discreet as I could masturbating my girlfriend under the blanket while her sister was sitting a few feet from us supposedly watching tv.

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The next weekend I go back to the same bar as the previous weekend and she came to chat with me.

Shortly after she invited me to go to her place to talk in a less noisy environment.

After the night cap she invited me to sleep at her house (in reality at her parent house that were gone at their cottage for the weekend) and told me I could sleep in her bed only if she was in it at the same time.

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When leaving their house often late at night I would use the basement door.

One night shortly after I left their house , I noticed that I forgot my wallet on the coffee table downstairs so I drove back to her house going back through the basement door that was not locked to discover my girlfriend sister legs open masturbating.

She reached me later that day to offer me to go hiking at a nearby trail in the afternoon and went for dinner at the end of the day.

She was pleasant to talk and somehow I had a pleasant weekend.

She played that she was incredibly pissed at me for seeing.

I ran up on her, threw her on the bed and "raped" her. Afterward she just turned off her computer without saying anything and never talked to the guy again. I told him she loved it so much she was my fuck slave now, and let him watch us fuck one more time. We looked close enough alike that no one really questioned it. But it would be harder for people to believe us as siblings as opposed to a couple. I tried role playing it a while and she stopped me before I could.

I'd play like I didn't know what was going on until the guy/couple I was talking with mentioned she was there. Sometimes I'd get really embarrassed and she would be the initiator. In the end it usually ended up with her blowing me or me fucking her.

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