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Essentially, how do you try to learn from your mistakes before you make them? Many times, sitting in the Situation Room, he would say very explicitly, “Look, this is a presidential-level decision. You guys go execute and figure it out.” He was very clear on which issues rose to his level that he needed to handle and which he could delegate, which is incredibly important for an executive.

At the beginning of an administration, one of the most valuable qualities is just stamina to come in and work those types of hours. How did you maintain perspective amidst all the pressure?

But the key, in the middle of all that, is to try to think about how to keep your head above water. I got a great piece of advice from my boss at the time, the national security adviser.

You’ve your first White House role to a doctorate in international relations and “a fair amount of luck.” Why did you choose to join the Obama campaign in 2008?

I got very excited about Barack Obama when he was a candidate after reading a to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

When you ask anyone about the Middle East, they picture conflict, chaos, danger. Can we maintain leadership without having tens of thousands of troops in the region that ?

I remember going to Jordan to lead defense talks with the government. Behind the scenes, Nation Swell Council member Matt Spence worked on many of these issues in the White House’s National Security Council from 2009 to 2012 and as head of Middle East policy in the Defense Department from 2012 to 2015. Trump readies to be sworn as president this week, Nation Swell spoke to Spence, now a partner at the venture capital firm , about the world the next commander-in-chief will face.How did you get interested in international policy?I gave it to the national security adviser as we were thinking through the protests surrounding Egypt’s president, .You don’t want to overgeneralize from history: Those were very different events in very different historical times.He said, “Always make time to read history.” In the middle of these 14-hour days, I read the memoirs of past national security advisers, secretaries of state and other figures.

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