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Remember sexually explicit, provocative or controversial user names could attract the wrong kind of attention.Stay in control when it comes to how and when you share information and don’t share personal details until you are ready.Use care and common sense when communicating with or meeting new people, both online and offline.

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Dating is a journey which can be an enjoyable and fun experience.

We want people to get the most out of using dating services.

Requests for money -– Some scammers will look to gain your sympathy with emotional stories of ill relatives or financial difficulties or urgent job opportunities and travel needs. Any request for money at any point should ring an alarm bell; however sad, urgent, compelling or heart-wrenching the story.

Investment opportunities – Beware of anyone offering you ways to get rich quick putting your money into investment schemes.

For example check their Linked In or run a Google Image search to check any photos provided.

Although the vast majority of individuals who use online dating services are honest about the information they give, as with all social networking sites, there may be some exceptions.

Services give you the time and a level of anonymity.

Use it to get to know people at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Dating sites often offer mail and chat services so you can get to know people in a safe and controlled environment.

Make the most of their platforms and the added security it gives you.

The ODA, member companies, the police and online protection agencies share the following advice about scammers: Be smart and stay safe. Although you’ve probably got to know the person better during your conversations, it’s still worth taking note of the following tips to ensure you stay safe when dating and especially on a first date: If someone you are talking to is making you feel uncomfortable cease your communication with them and report them to the dating service provider or the police immediately.

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