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Right” and once you start meeting potential prospects, insh Allah! There’s an old Arab proverb that says, “Man proposes, God disposes.” Before actively working on oneself and pursuing marriage through worldly means, one has to turn to Allah (swt) and make the intention for marriage.

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And make sure the person you decide to confide in is qualified to give you advice.

It should be less about the role they have in your life than it is their ability to give sound, practical, and balanced advice. If someone piques your interest then don’t wait around for something to happen but rather make it happen!

When thinking of marriage, you should really give each and every potential candidate a chance to make an impression on you and whatever the outcome make it a learning experience instead of a wasted one.

4) DO consider “halal-dating.” Social media, technology, and living in pluralistic as well as gender-integrated societies have completely changed the way modern Muslims are marrying.

This is especially the case for matches found online, through matrimonial events or who live in different communities, provinces or geographical locations than you do.

If you are introduced to someone who you know nothing about make sure to thoroughly investigate who he/she is.If you notice, for example, that most of your “requirements” are superficial in nature then you may scale back some things and put focus on more important matters like character, family values, and future goals.Additionally, a written checklist can also help your friends and family who are actively on the look-out for you to better screen potential candidates.Here is a good article from Seekers Guidance that helps clarify everything one needs to know about it: The reality of Istikhara 2) DO have a “checklist.” It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a partner and to take the extra time to put your thoughts down.Not only does the list give you tangible things to focus on, but it can also reveal whether or not you have your priorities down.You may find yourself prematurely soliciting advice or building up something that doesn’t have much potential.

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