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Anthropologists and historians have collectively lumped the three aforementioned bands together under the title of Southern Utes.

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In this chapter, this name will be used in the broader, collective sense.

The Weenuche Band's name also has been misrepresented.

Some anthropologists believe that this first could have caused relocation within, then evacuation of, those areas by the agriculturally oriented puebloans.

Numic speakers, better adapted to surviving the rigors of a desert environment, filled the occupation gaps left by the migrating Fremont and Anasazi cultures.

Starting from the east there were the Muache, living in the Denver area; the Capote in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado and south to Taos, New Mexico; and the Weenuche, who ranged from the Dolores River in the east to the Colorado River in the north and west to the San Juan River in the south.12 All of these groups were highly mobile and visited far into the Great Basin, throughout the Colorado Plateau, and onto the Great Plains.

Some confusion concerning names exists in the historic record.

Campsites and material remains are difficult to find and differentiate from those left by earlier peoples because of the small amount of pottery, nondescript dwellings, and limited technology necessitated by a hunting-and-gathering lifestyle.

The analysis is made even more difficult by the Utes' practice of utilizing other peoples' camps and material remains.6 Robert Euler, a noted Paiute historian, suggests that there were two migrations of Numic speakers into Nevada and Utah.

Mc Pherson and Mary Jane Yazzie Billy Mike, the oldest living resident of the White Mesa Ute community, sat comfortably and slowly ran his fingers through his silver hair.

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